Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Dog Rescuer

Earlier this week we received word that a family had decided to get rid of their dog, a pit mix named Max. If they didn’t find an owner right away, they were actually planning on putting him down! Well, Chris and I couldn’t stand the thought of that happening. He had been moved to a farm owned by a man who rescues dogs. So, yesterday we took a little trip up to Joelton, TN with our sweet Bella to see Max. He was beautiful and playful but simply did not get along with Bella. Being a male pit, he wanted to dominate, and Bella wasn’t having it. She’s a strong woman! Since we could not bring Max home with us, I was relieved to find that the dog rescuer was not going to let him be put down, so we left feeling both disappointed and relieved.

I know some of you are thinking, “What were there thinking? They can’t have another dog in that little apartment?” Trust me; we know. I suppose it’s just that we have soft hearts for dogs and couldn’t bear the thought of him dying simple because the family’s children weren’t responsible enough to keep the door closed allowing Max to escape into the neighborhood where he happily hunted the neighbors’ cats!

The great thing however about being in that area was that we were so close to our friends, Christina and John. After a quick call to Christina, we were able to pop in for a little impromptu visit. Bella even had a companion to keep her company: their dog Marley who is a full blooded female pit bull. Marley is very sweet and a bit intimidated by Bella; that may be due to the fact that Bella is double the size of Marley. However, as soon as Chris started playing ball with them the fun began. After John returned from work, Chris and I stayed for a dinner of fried chicken and fixin’s. Good southern food and great friends: what could be better?

So, tomorrow is FRIDAY! Pardon me while I do a little dance of joy! (Yes, I did my little dance and distracted Chris, so he died—in the video game he’s playing. Sorry, Chris.) Anyway, I have been under such stress, and I feel like I’ve barely been cutting it at work this week. The one comfort I have is that every teacher at my table at lunch today was feeling the same way. There have been so many meetings and so many details to attend to that it hasn’t left much time for grading and other organizational tasks. But I have just one more day left in the work week to endure before I get to have a change of pace and a chance to catch up on a few things. I love Thursday nights and the anticipation for Friday which leads to the weekend.

Next Tuesday I’m going on a little overnight trip with the seventh graders for a little spiritual retreat in Mt. Juliet. Stay tuned for a report on that!

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Monday Blahs?

I don’t know why I’ve spent less and less time at the computer over the last few weeks. I think that by the time I get home from work I just don’t feel like doing much thinking, so I go into cleaning mode or cooking or relaxing in front of the TV. I simply haven’t felt very motivated to sit and type or chat or anything. And as I start to think over my day I can’t really come up with anything interesting to talk about. I’m tired of talking about the bad things that seem to keep happening all around me. I have this little voice inside my head saying, “If you can’t say anything nice…” You know the rest.

I wish that I had some sort of intriguing tale, but there’s just nothing noteworthy to report. This was my day today: had meetings all day for in-service at school, went to the tanning bed, came home, walked Bella, worked out, started laundry, cleaned both bathrooms, mopped the kitchen floor, cooked dinner, ate with Chris, fed Bella, cleaned up the kitchen, walked Bella with Chris, and came to type on the computer. Seriously, that’s not very interesting.

Hmmm, thinking….. I guess I could tell you that my next painting will definitely be a lighthouse. Chris’s business is Lighthouse Inc., so I thought it would be nice to paint one for him. I’m thinking about starting on it tonight. I gave the sunflower to Mom, and she’s planning to hang it in her breakfast room. It matches the d├ęcor in there surprisingly well. I really want to just do folk art type of stuff. I never studied art history, and I don’t know all of the modern techniques. And I’m really not painting for anyone but myself, but I would do a painting for friends or family if they really wanted me to. OK, so I’m rambling.

I’m going to work on something more exciting for you in my next entry. Really, it’ll blow your mind. Just wait!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Lack of Timing

After a fairly normal day at work I came home ready to work out. I did The Firm routine while I watched a rerun of the Gilmore Girls on the Family Channel. Then I was ready to harness Bella and take her out for a long walk in the neighborhood. However, the rain started, and I feared that I would not be able to take her. Still, a half hour later the rain had abated, and I set out with “my little pony.” Fortunately I decided just to take laps around the complex, staying close to home in case the rain started again. We started on our first loop, and I took her down the big field at the front of the complex so that she could do her business. Well, I guess my timing was a bit off. Once I got down there I felt a small drop of water and then about 10 seconds later I felt another. The next thing I knew the heavens gaped open, and Bella and I were drenched! I tried to seek shelter under a large tree, but the torrential downpour only thwarted my efforts. By the time I got back to the house my hair was plastered to my head and my clothes were hanging heavily on my body. I didn’t want to take my soaked dog into the house only to have her shake off all the excess water all over the furniture and carpet, so I closed her leash up in the door leaving her outside in the breezeway and ran to the bathroom to get a big beach towel to dry her off.

After all of that I still did get to walk tonight, but I had the pleasure of my sweet husband’s company. When he arrived home from work, I ran down to the car, and we went to Burger Monday at Calhoun’s. On Monday’s they have burgers for half price. Somehow the fact that they have a silly name for it makes it feel like a real event for me, and I was very excited to go. Anyway, after dinner and a not so quick (or cheap) trip to Walmart, Chris and I came back home, changed clothes, and ventured out. Thankfully we were able to stay dry and had a great time getting some exercising and chatting.

I have so much laundry and ironing to attend to, but I am not sure that I can face it tonight. This is definitely one task that I feel like I can put off until tomorrow. Relaxing for a bit sounds like just the thing for me!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Grease anyone?

As far as I know I am not pg. I haven’t taken a test, but if it would make anyone feel better I’ll get one. Who knows? Anything could be possible, but I doubt it. The funny thing is that saying that makes me feel like Rizzo from the movie Grease when she shouts out to Kinickie on the ferris wheel, “I’m not pg!” Have I seen that movie too many times? In case you’re lost in this entry, this is a response to comments made on my last post. It wouldn’t be very exciting, but we don’t have room for a baby where we live. Still, if that were God’s plan for us, I’m sure He’d make a way for us. But, to be clear, I really, really don’t think that’s something I have to be concerned about right now.

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted more this week. I’ve been very busy and haven’t really been on the computer much this week. After I get home from work, work out, figure out /fix dinner, run errands, and accomplish a couple other chores around here I’m wiped out. The good news is that nothing overly dramatic has happened this week. We’ve had enough of the drama around her for a little while. The most exciting thing for me right now is that Chris and I have plans to stay in tomorrow night! We’ve had to go somewhere every night this week, and I just want to kick back and do nothing. We’re actually going to use the word “no” tomorrow night. After I work out tomorrow afternoon I may just change right into my pj’s and hit that relaxing mode as soon as possible.

As for this weekend, I really want to start on a new painting, but I’m waiting for the proper inspiration to hit me. It’ll come; I just hope it doesn’t wake me up in the middle of the night. I also want to get a little shopping done this weekend. Oh, and I think I’m going to have to bring grading home with me. But maybe I can temper that with watching fun movies while I grade. There’s almost always a way to make an unsavory task a little better.

Monday, September 11, 2006

End of the roller coaster?

I was thrilled to find an email from my brother when I got to work today. I guess he doesn’t have my home email address, so he just emails me at work. Anyway, he said that it’s 130degrees and hard to breathe, but other than that he’s doing well. I want this year to soar by for my family so that we can be at the other end welcoming him home. I want him here playing with his boys and hugging his wife and teasing me. He’s a great brother and a great man; I’m so very proud of him.

Saturday night Chris and I went out with our dear friends, John and Christina. For five years, she was my roommate, and then I met Chris and she met John. They got married the week before we did, and then we played a little musical chairs-apartment style. I moved across the hall into my husband’s apartment after we got married, and John moved into Christina’s. Now they live about 45 minutes away, and we see them whenever we can. Every time we go home after spending time with them, Chris and I gush over how much fun we had and how we so enjoy their company. Last night was no different. We started with dinner at a really swanky place: Waffle House! I’m so glad they chose it; Chris and I love Waffle House. After lingering for a while over our dinners, we drove across the street to play putt-putt. It started raining a bit, but none of us cared. And yes, even though I did not play as well as I would like, I still had a lot of fun. (Sometimes I have to really work to keep that competitive streak in check!) We ended the evening with drinks from Sonic and a short visit at our apartment. Nights and friends like that are indeed rare.

My cousin’s funeral was also Saturday; it was really… strange. For those of you who know me well, I’ll tell you about it at another time. Other than that I don’t really want to talk about it. Really, I’m just glad it’s over.

I wish I had more to report on or some pictures to share, but I’m a little tapped out tonight. I’ve been so sleepy lately. I wonder what the deal is with that.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Back to Good

So, yesterday was Uncle Fisk’s funeral. The officiator read comments from Fisk’s children and grandchildren about their fondest memories and what he meant to them which provided such sweet laughter and also heart wrenching tears. How do you sum up a person’s life and the important place he shared in yours?

If everything works out, my cousin’s funeral is will be Saturday. His family truly has no money and no insurance, and my Dad has been busily trying to raise money to cover the costs. It’s amazing how much these things cost. The funeral home has been so gracious and given a very nice price, but it’s still really expensive. Dad has talked to a few people and told them if they want to donate the money to his ministry in care of the funeral costs, they can claim it on their taxes. We’re trying to come together to get this taken care of; every aspect of this situation seems tragic to me.

For the most part people have been very kind to me as they hear about the strange turn of events from this last weekend. However, I must say that I have been a bit shocked by some of the off color, insensitive, and inappropriate comments that I’ve heard. I don’t know if people just aren’t thinking or don’t know how to react or what. I know that these things pop into people’s heads, but there’s no need to share when it’s not going to be something that’s helpful.

Want some good news?

My Mom came back today! She’s been out of town for a week, and it’s so hard for me when she’s gone, which has been quite a bit over the last month. She really is my best friend, and I usually talk to her every day. But while she’s been out of town our conversations have been short and infrequent. So many times I’ve wanted to call her and get her opinion or share little tidbits with her, but that just hasn’t been possible. When she gets back I think I’m going to have to tell her that I need some “Kay time” with her. Tonight Chris and I got to have dinner with her and Dad at Calhoun’s. I loved sitting there just sharing the details of our week apart. All in all, it was a quite enjoyable evening.

Now Chris is in the living room finishing up some work from the day. Bella is running back and forth from there to the office to check on the two of us. And I am just about ready to snuggle up with a good book for the rest of the evening. I am looking forward to Saturday evening when all of these trials will be behind me, and I am able to find something really good to look forward to. I’ll let you know what that it as soon as I figure it out.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Pedicure Therapy for a Drama Queen

Why does having pretty nails give me a more positive outlook on life? Yesterday when I told Chris that I really needed a mani-pedi, he readily offered me the money to do it. He understands me. What a man! So after the crush of yesterday’s news, I spent the morning at the nail salon flipping through O and Real Simple magazines, listening to the manicurists as they conversed in Chinese, and watching as my rugged fingers and toes were transformed and tipped with shiny cranberry polish. I know I just took a detour from reality, but sometimes that’s what you need.

Thank God it’s Labor Day. This is a much needed day off. I can’t believe I have two funerals this week. Uncle Fisk’s will be on Wednesday. I think I’m holding these situations at arms length; I don’t want to take the time to really deal with how I feel. I guess once I’m standing there at the funerals I won’t really have much of a choice.

Have you ever noticed how much drama my life seems to have? I promise that I am not trying to create the drama. Really, I’m not in denial; I know that I can sometimes overreact and be somewhat of a drama queen. I am quite expressive. But there still is a lot that happens that is dramatic without me making it so.

Other than my salon appointment this morning, I didn’t really have much going on. I did laundry and ironed. I took the time to make both lunch and dinner for Chris, and we were able to spend some time together today. We actually got out and went for a drive, but most of the time was spent on the couch watching the Extreme Makeover Home Edition marathon on the Family Channel. I absolutely love that show, and so does Chris.

I feel a bit disconnected right now. I think I’m going to go get something to drink, get in bed a little early, and watch episodes of Friends until I’m too tired to keep my eyes open.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Are you kidding me?

What a week! I had a migraine almost all week. But that doesn’t compare to the bomb that dropped today. Both Chris and I have been struggling with migraines, but that’s only one brand of our pain today. This morning as we got ready for church Chris received a call that his Uncle Fisk was not doing well and probably wouldn’t make it through the day. On the way to church we received another call; his uncle was gone. So we decided not to go to church, and we just went to breakfast to talk. On the way home, I called Dad to tell him what had happened, and he told me that my cousin Raymond was on his way home from the Hank Williams Jr. concert last night when he was hit on the interstate, and he died. Is this real? There has been so much tragedy in our lives in the last year. These things often happen in threes so we decided that Wayne leaving for Iraq so early was shock #1. The passing of Uncle Fisk and Cousin Raymond are #2 and #3. We’re praying that God will bring blessings… BIG BLESSINGS. We really need it.