Monday, February 19, 2007


I was very productive when I returned from work today. It’s been my most productive day of pregnancy! I know that might not sound like a big deal, but it really is for me. I haven’t been able to do much. It’s just after 8, and I am so tired. However, it’s so worth it!

Since I arrived home, this is what I’ve done:
-walked Bella
-started the laundry
-cleaned the kitchen counters
-mopped the kitchen floor three times (once is just not enough)
-unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher
-cleared many of the clothes out of the closet and bureau that are not “pregnant friendly” and finally put away the maternity clothes I bought a week ago
-walked for 20 minutes on the treadmill
-scrubbed the kitchen sink with Barkeeper’s Friend (so great at cleaning stainless steel)
-washed, folded, and put away 4-5 loads of laundry
-fixed dinner for myself and ate (Chris is still at work.)
-fed and walked Bella again
-sat down to write this post

I had plans to iron, but I think I’ll leave that for tomorrow. I also plan to clean the bathrooms then. Big plans! Seriously, I know it might now sound that exciting. However, as sitting or reclining on the couch has been my primary home activity, it’s nice to have a change of pace. Hopefully that elusive second trimester energy is starting to kick in.

Last night Eva and Matt stopped by with a friend. It was so nice to engage in girl talk and just chat with Eva about what’s been going on in our lives. We haven’t had much time for that kind of thing lately. And I know that Chris enjoyed hanging with the guys. Matt bought a whole Coca-Cola cake for her from Cracker Barrel. Have you tried it? It’s so rich… and, oh, so delicious! Since I found out that they brought it back, I’ve been wanting a piece so badly. I’m going to have to get Chris to take me to the Cracker Barrel for a little treat.

And now that I’ve been so wonderfully industrious, I think I’ll reward myself with a nice little foot soak, People magazine crossword puzzle, and relaxation.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

What new things can I tell you?

I think it’s interesting that I started this blog just after the Renaissance Festival last year, and tomorrow I will be going through it all again. Today, we had our Renaissance stations day. The students shuffled among six centers where they engaged in various activities such as making large mosaics, trying to imitate Michelangelo in his Sistine Chapel role as they laid under chairs with paper taped to them and created art masterpieces with colored pencils or markers, played human chess, and created banners to hang from partitions. Everything we did today will be used to decorate the gym tomorrow as it is transformed into the Lion’s Paw Castle so that we can help their parents travel back to the Renaissance. There will be a feast, and the children will be performing, among other things, Shakespearean monologues.

It was a draining day, and tomorrow will be even worse in that regard. But I always have fun with it and look forward to interacting with the students in a different way. I miss the type of relationship I had with the kids when I directed the plays and was involved with the youth group at church. Perhaps some day I will go back to theater, but that is just not supposed to be part of my life right now.

I can’t believe that I have to wait until the 26th to go back to the doctor. I know it’s just a month between visits, but it seems so long. I know it’s crazy, but I can kind of understand why Tom Cruise bought his own ultrasound machine. My tummy is poking out, and the maternity jeans are coming in very handy. There’s no more nausea, but I’ve been so tired. I go to bed so early right now even if I just lie there until, but I guess I need to load up on the rest and sleep since I won’t be getting any after the baby arrives. I have to refrain from talking about the baby at work. I’m not supposed to mention it around the students unless they ask me a question about it. While that is sometimes difficult, I understand. However, I am so excited about all the changes, it’ so hard not to talk about it. I feel like I’m carrying around a secret all day long.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Little Treats

So, I finally had a legitimate snow day last Friday (Feb. 2). Since then I’ve been anxiously awaiting my next freebie. I cannot take any sick days as I am saving them up for my maternity leave. I didn’t do anything on my day off except rest. I took a nap in the morning, watch Steel Magnolias while I ate lunch, and puttered around for the afternoon. It was wonderful. I never have days like that as I always feel the need to be constantly doing something. However, this baby has made me so tired that I need three times the amount of rest that I was getting before.

I have a list of things that I’ve’ been praying for, just basic requests for myself. I don’t want to sound too selfish; I do pray quite a bit for others. However, I just wanted to spend a little time focusing on a few things that I need or want but cannot really acquire for myself at this point. Two of the things at the top of my list were a massage and a pedicure. I supposed I’ve been praying for these for almost a couple months now. Would you believe it? My sweet friend Christina called me up out of the blue this last weekend and told me that she wanted to take me to get a massage and a pedicure! She had no idea that I had been asking the Lord for these things. In fact, unless she has read this post, she still doesn’t know. I know these are not things that will change the world or even my life, but because I care about it God cares as well. So, I thank the Lord and Christina for this tremendous gift.

This last Friday was a jeans day at work. Every year we have a Cake Bake in which the middle school boys bake cakes, and the girls, in groups, bid on the cakes. There are all types of cakes: huge hearts, wedding-style layer cakes, cakes shaped like fish, cakes with themes (Coke, American Idol, sports), and an assortment of other interesting creations. Anyway, back to the jeans…. When I put on my jeans, I discovered that I could button them; I just couldn’t breathe. Well, I decided that oxygen was important for both me and the baby at the same time that I discovered that I could no longer “get by” with my regular clothes. The time had come to do a little maternity clothes shopping.

So, yesterday, Mom, Eva, and I took to the stores. Among other necessities, I was able to buy five pairs of pants and six shirts, all very basic and plain. I couldn’t find anything that I found particularly cute, but I think I’ll have better luck when the spring lines come in. At least I now have jeans that I can breathe in! With the various other items in my closet which still work, I have a good start. Oh, and Mom and Dad bought a lot of the clothes yesterday. Mom was so happy in being able to get me my first maternity clothes. I have a bit of money saved up, so I’ll be able to buy a few more things on my own.

Of course the best part about yesterday was being with Mom and Eva. I rarely ever get to see Eva, and I was thrilled that she was able to come. I miss her so much, but with our adult, married lives and living so far away from one another it’s difficult to find time to get together. She really is an enchanting creature. Being with those two women yesterday was like food for my soul.