Monday, March 31, 2008

From Blah to Woo-hoo

How strange that I was nervous about subbing in the high school today. It’s been pretty boring. All I did was basic crowd control or monitoring. The teachers just left work for the students to do, and all I had to do was to sit there and let them do the work. When I sub in the middle school, the teachers always leave active plans for me. I actually get to interact with the material and the students. I’ve enjoyed teaching all the different subjects and learning/relearning so many fascinating things. It’s a good thing that I always keep stuff with me to do. I actually had time to do so many things for me like, among other things, paying bills, working on my budget, researching brain development online, checking the weather for the week (since we don’t have our cable hooked up at home yet), and writing a bit on the novel Chris and I are writing together.

We finally moved the last of our stuff this weekend and cleaned out our old apartment. We are extremely relieved to be done with that part of our move. It’s amazing how, even with all of the unpacked boxes, unhung pictures, and general debris everywhere, I already feel more at home in our new house than I felt in our old apartment. I love it there! It’s nice to have more room and even to be putting things away in a place that is actually ours. Also, our neighbors have been very friendly so far. I mentioned a couple little details I was excited about in my last post. Here’s a couple more: kitchen sink facet that is also a sprayer and new side-by-side fridge with water and ice in the door.

Oh, one cool little thing is that all of the closet doors in each bedroom and the living room are mirrors. Willow Grace loves this! Babies don’t figure out until much later that the reflections are actually them, so she just thinks she has a little friend! We can sit her down in front of the mirror, and she will play for an hour with that “other baby.” She coos and giggles and tries to touch and kiss the other baby. Of course that means that we will have to keep those mirrors really clean, but it is so much fun to watch her, not to mention that it enables us to get a few things done like a load of laundry or eating a meal.

Have I mentioned how much I absolutely love being a mom? Chris and I were talking about this the other day, and we are both so thrilled to be parents. We’ve never in our lives been happier. We were very happy newlyweds and couldn’t see how we could get any happier, but having Willow Grace has brought a whole new level of happiness that we would never have understood had we not experienced it. By the way, she is now 8 months old, sits on her own, has two bottom teeth, is almost crawling, and is just so much fun.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Home!

We're so excited about our new house. It has all happened so fast. Just a few weeks ago, we didn't know where we were going to end up. This house just fell into our laps, and the whole process cruised along so well. It's be clear to us that this has just been one more way that God is taking care of us.

Last week I spent my spring break packing the apartment and taking care of Willow Grace while Chris was gone to Georgia on a business trip. Of course, it was difficult to get much done while taking care of the baby. On Thursday, Mom and Donitta, Chris's mom, came over and helped my pack up quite a bit. I am so grateful for them. On Friday, Chris was home, and we went to buy a washer, dryer, and refrigerator. I think I'm just as excited about those three things as I am about the while house! There's so many little details to be excited about: spill proof shelves, room for gallon jugs in the door, a washer that doesn't sound like an airplane about to take off....

This week I'm back at work, and Chris is in Louisiana. There's so much left to be done. Pictures and blinds to hang, boxes to unpack, things to arrange. We have a busy weekend ahead, but we are so thrilled to have a new home in which to arrange all of these things.

I'll post pictures as soon as we get all of the odds and ends arranged.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


OK, so I was a little bummed that the snow didn't come on a school day and afford me an extra day home, but it was so pretty. And we got these really cute pics of Willow Grace.

She's not quite sure what to think, but she sure is cute!

Cuddling with Mommy!

She's looking at her daddy. Can you tell how much she likes him? I feel that way too!

Good news!
We're moving! We are actually buying a house! It's a townhouse but still a house. It's much bigger than our apartment with over 1500 sq.ft., three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and a wood burning fire place. Willow Grace will no longer have to share her room with the office, a room which we have actually been calling the "nurfice." We hope to close in the next two weeks and then move. Woo-hoo!