Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm A Dreamer

I've always been a dreamer. My dreams at night are vivid and realistic, so much so that sometimes I have a hard time determining whether of not they really happened. I would also say that I can be excessive in my day dreaming. It's almost as if I constantly have little movies playing out in my head starring all my favorite people.

I guess that are some people who would harshly criticize me for all this, and yet, strangely enough, I find that it actually feeds my faith. I truly believe in the possibility of these grand imaginations. Anything is possible in life, and with God there really is no limit. Now, I'm not going to argue the ridiculous here. I'm sure there are those who would come up with all sorts of bizarre situations in order to try to test and try the impossible. (Well, can you fly into outerspace with no ship and breathe on your own? Do you think you could really find a fountain of youth and stay young forever?) Those are not the sorts of things I'm talking about.

But it seems to me that we're living in a time when lots of people are either settling for survival mode or are giving up altogether. Yeah, I know it's tough out there. It's tough all over. We all have areas in our life that could destroy us if we let them. For me, I choose to have faith, to press on, and to dream.

What do I dream of? Well, we'll save that for another post....