Monday, October 29, 2007

Superstore Wars

I've been spending a great deal of time at Walmart, much more than I ever did before Willow Grace was born. I just can't seem to get everything I need in one trip. Just last week, I went four days in a row! I was thinking about those big superstores. There are three major ones: KMart, Walmart, and Target. They all carry the same types of products; their layouts are very similar. Their prices are comparable. Yet, somehow, there's a hierarchy with Target being at the top. I've known many wealthy famlies who would not admit to having stepped foot in a Walmart or KMart, but somehow Target is OK. Why is that? Target does have some fun commercials, and they do seem to attract a few fashion designers. It seems that the stigma has changed somewhat over the last few years, at least with Walmart. Walmart has been updating its image and placing stores in affluent areas. But some people are still more likely to admit that they bought a sweater at Target and not Walmart. Even I have a sort of prejudice. I just don't like KMart. I don't know what it is, but I always feel a little sad and dirty when I go in there. Walmart makes me happy because it feels safe and homey to me; I suppose that's due to the fact that I've spent a great deal of time there over the years. And Target somehow seems like a fun outting to me. Sometimes I treat these stores like a free museum. I'm not planning on buying; I'll just wander around and gaze at all the stuff they have. There's always something interesting to see, even if it's just the variety of people that walk through the door.

Right now I have a plan to visit a few different Walmarts. There's a certain Christmas dress for Willow Grace that I want. I didn't grab it at my usual Walmart, and now they're out of her size. I went to a few other stores (Target, Babies R Us, etc.) looking for a dress for her, but nothing compared to that dress. So, the quest is on....

Speaking of Willow, I hear her stirring. She's going to want her breakfast.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Travelin’ Man

Here in Nashville the air is crisp, and the skies are once again (thankfully) threatening to rain. It’s been such a dry summer, and the rain is much welcomed. If only the rain could have saved us from the drought that we suffered from for so long. I’m sure there are those who along with me are praying that God will send rain to California to help in the efforts to extinguish the fires there.

My husband is in California on his third business trip with his new job. He’s nowhere near the fires for which I am very thankful. While it’s so hard for him to be away, we are so thankful for this job. Of course, these trips are nothing like what others have to go through. My brother and his wife have had to be separated for much long. Next month he will finally return after a 15 month deployment to Iraq. And still so many others have had to miss so much time with their families as they have had to serve two and three tours overseas. I can’t wait to have Wayne home again and to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with him this year.

With Chris’s job, he only works when he’s traveling. When he’s home, he actually gets to spend all of his time with Willow and me. What a blessing! Last week I was so spoiled with all of the time that we were able to spend together which made his departure that much harder this time. There are those who might have a hard time understanding why he doesn’t work, do something else on the side, when he’s home, but he works such long hours on the road. Last night he had to go back in around 1 AM to work for a few hours after working all day long. He really puts in a lot of hours when he’s on site, so he deserves some down time when he’s home, and we deserve that time with him since we are deprived of his presence when he is working. This is the longest trip so far. In all, the trip was supposed to take six nights, seven days. There are a few complications that may keep him away a little longer this time, but I’m really hoping that he’ll be able to make it home for Halloween. I don’t want him to miss Willow’s first one.

I know that many of his trips will be a week long, and he may even be gone for two weeks at a time. I am so blessed with the support of our families. I’ve been spending quite a lot of time with my parents, and Chris’s mom often calls to check on me and even visit with me a bit as well. Willow is also such a great comfort. She’s my little buddy and keeps me company when Chris is away. I cannot adequately describe the joy that she brings me. Even getting up with her in the middle of the night is welcome. When she gazes up at me and seems to be taking in all I say, I can almost feel my heart grow larger in an effort to hold all the love I feel for her. Right now she’s on her little play mat, and I don’t believe she’s going to be happy for much longer. So, it’s time for me to wrap this one up.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

She Smiles

Yes, I know. I've been a bad blogger. I guess it's just because I am so enamored with this little one, and I haven't taken much time to be on the computer. But I will try harder to be here if only just to post pictures of my sweet girl.

Last week she started smiling. She smiled from birth, but now she's smiling at people. Last Wednesday morning I went in to check on her. I was wondering why she hadn't started crying to be changed or fed, but she'd been cooing and squeaking in her bed for a while, perfectly content. As I peered over the railing, I greeted her, "Good morning, sweet girl!" She looked up at me with those big round eyes and smiled. It just melted my heart, and I started crying... which was frustrating b/c it was keeping me from seeing her sweet smile, and I didn't want to miss it. I had been trying not to cry since Chris left for his business trip that morning, but seeing that smile couple with missing my husband just broke the levee.

By the way, Chris got a new job. It's all travel. So, we're going to be apart quite a bit, but this job is really what we've been praying for. Maybe, in the not too distant future, we'll be able to move out of this apartment, get a house, and get our dog back. All I know is that it feels like new adventures are ahead.

Here she is reading with Chris. It's never too early to start reading!